Healing Your Divorce: How Not to Make the Same Mistakes

Dr. Toni Kaplan, clinical psychologist, was thrilled when she learned of the Women’s Divorce Resource Center. “Women need these services. So many can be emotionally overwhelmed while facing the challenges of divorce and this can interfere with making sound decisions.” When Dr. Kaplan was asked to present for the WDRC, she eagerly accepted.

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Highliting WDRC Board Director – Randall Pitler

This month we’re highlighting Women’s Divorce Resource Center Board Director Randall Pitler of Pitler Family Law and Mediation, P.C., and Michigan Divorce Helper. Randall has been supportive of the WDRC since its inception in 2012. Having seen numerous people struggle with the divorce process, Randall felt the WDRC’s mission of education with not just the legal aspect of divorce, but also the financial and emotional aspects was one he really believes in. Continue reading “Highliting WDRC Board Director – Randall Pitler”

Books for you and your family

Separation and Divorce Support Books for Children and Teens

Divorces are difficult enough for the couple going through it, but as every loving parent knows, it can be just as difficult (and perhaps more so) for the children. The Women’s Divorce Resource Center’s Board of Directors compiled a list of the best, most helpful divorce and separation support books for children. This may be the toughest transition of their lives; expert advice, relatable scenarios, and healing activities from these books will assure your children that no matter what happens between their parents, they are not at fault and they are so, so loved. Continue reading “Books for you and your family”