Highliting WDRC Board Director – Randall Pitler

This month we’re highlighting Women’s Divorce Resource Center Board Director Randall Pitler of Pitler Family Law and Mediation, P.C., and Michigan Divorce Helper. Randall has been supportive of the WDRC since its inception in 2012. Having seen numerous people struggle with the divorce process, Randall felt the WDRC’s mission of education with not just the legal aspect of divorce, but also the financial and emotional aspects was one he really believes in.

“Divorce is equal parts legal, emotional, and financial,” Randall said. “The Women’s Divorce Resource Center provides support in all three areas, which is what every person going through divorce needs.”

Randall frequently presents at the WDRC workshops, addressing the topic of avoiding court by use of Collaborative Divorce or Mediation, and informing women of all the options they have whether it’s a contested or uncontested divorce. His primary law firm, Pitler Family Law and Mediation, specializes in uncontested divorces, collaborative divorce, and mediation, and he recently opened Michigan Divorce Helper, an attorney-assisted-do-it-yourself law firm, which helps people navigate the divorce process themselves with step-by-step guidance and unlimited phone and email support. “When women come to a WDRC workshop, they receive valuable information from those of us who really know the process,” said Randall. “They’re able to see all the steps laid out, which direction they need to go in, and which areas they need to address. It’s really enlightening for them, so we encourage anyone who feels overwhelmed, lost, or even just curious to come to a workshop and see for themselves how much it can help.”

For more information about WDRC Board member Randall Pitler, you can visit his practice’s website at amicabledivorce.com or call him at (248) 584-0400.